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Feb. 6th, 2006 @ 08:32 am Kid Fears
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Current Music: Iron Maiden - "Run To The Hills"
((This was done for EWA 207, Nature of Non-Fiction. It's called the "Child's Voice" assignment.))

The June bugs are early this year.
They’re supposed to be here on June 1st, that’s what Dad said, but it’s May 22nd and they’re not supposed to be here but here they are and I can’t see outside the windows and the room is dark because the June bugs are covering the screen on the other side of the window and I hope Dad wasn’t lying when he said they can’t get in.
And it’s past my bedtime so the door is locked and I lost the screwdriver to make it open and I can hear the buzzing on the windows and it’s dark and I’m afraid of crossing the carpet cos it turns into water past my bedtime and Jaws is waiting there for me to stick a toe out from under the covers and the Wicked Witch of the West is waiting to come out from behind the headboard and find the one little bit of me that I haven’t covered completely with my covers so that I can be Safe.
And the buzzing’s getting louder and the screen is shaking and I’m hiding and hoping that nothing will see me cos if they do then they’ll take me Away and the June bugs aren’t supposed to be here this early and please please God make the buzzing stop make the June bugs go away and I’m screaming and crying and screaming for Mom or Dad even though they’ll just say there’s nothing to be scared of and Kim will call me a crybaby again.
And I’m screaming.
And I’m screaming.
And I hear Mom coming up the stairs and she unlocks the door and tells me I’m going to wake up the whole neighborhood and that the June bugs can’t get in and she leaves and Kim asks what’s going on and Mom says “Your brother’s scared of the dark again.”
And then I hear, “Crybaby.”
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